Why EPH?


Elite Processors House LLC (EPH) is the perfect choice for your work order processing due to thefollowing reasons-

  • We can dramatically cut your internal office expenses & risk in the data analysis & work order updating part. We can offer the best price & service together, which is not possible for a full onshore company due to high recruitment cost, salaries, and office expenses.
  • We are available 20/7 in 360 days in a year to process your work orders; we never call off, get snowed in, get sick, or provide any other reason not to be available.
  • We understand and implement proper bidding and accurate reporting of damages. We provide easy-to-use client-specific forms to help document a property’s condition as accurately as possible.
  • We always follow individual client parameters to ensure the best accuracy when submitting results.
  • We are very sincere about the causes of re-open an order. We focus on turning around work orders efficiently and for the results to be entirely accurate the first time, every time, to get you paid faster.
  • We maintain the highest standards in regard to confidentiality and security of client’s data. Your data is always safe in our hands.
  • We are attentive to meet and maintain client requirements as clients frequently change allowable prices, bidding policies, funding policies, etc.
  • We are not rigid on any specific bidding formats as two properties always different, but we have a set formula to keep all necessary information in comments.
  • We prepare invoices accurately by following individual client parameters along with essential considerations, for example, allowable. Approvals, performed works & sub/rep notes, etc.