Property Preservation Company Services

Work Order Processing
We process all types of work orders, such as REO Grass Cut orders, P&P, Janitorial /Winterization Orders, Snow Removals, PPO Orders, Maintenance orders, Preservation Orders (Initial secure, Sales Clean, Rush, Perform per bid, Conveyance conditions, Securing, Deed-In lieu, etc.), Bid processing, Quality Control & Zero Bill work orders. We have special Q.C team for double check of special orders like Initial secure, big approval order etc.
A brief of order processing
✓ Downloading work order photos from PPW, Website or FTP
✓ Rearranging & Matching photos with work order instruction.
✓ Labeling photos like before, during & after grass cut photos, bid & others photo.
✓ Creating and submitting bids based on w/o notes, w/o instructions, PCR information & photos.
✓ Estimating cost using different tools like repair base, Xact PRM or our own standard price sheet.
✓ Preparing invoice as per work done & following others necessary things like price sheet, invoice note & PCR notes etc.
✓ Preparing & uploading reports like dump receipt. Damage report & cost estimator report etc.
✓ Preparing & sending clients every day pending w/o reports with detail issues.
✓ Preparing & sending daily processed w/o reports with invoice price and others necessary information.
✓ Fixing denials instantly without any extra charge.

Denial Fixing
We promptly fix all types (completion, bid & invoice) of denials on behalf of the client. Denial fixing is sensitive & bit time consuming task. We always assign more experienced & knowledgeable guys for this task. In some respect it’s require to make consultancy with client & contractor that we do depending on the situation. If any denial appears due to processing error it’s always free to fix. We have extra care & initiatives to avoid re-open of the order due to processing error.
Contractor work assigning & follow up
We assign orders to contractor according to client policy & instructions. We add necessary forms & notes on the order to help contractor to perform job accurately. We follow up contractor time to time for assigning work & update report accordingly. We also make ECD request (if necessary) on behalf of the client & update order information accordingly.
Daily evaluation report preparing
We prepare different types of spreadsheet to evaluate contractor performance & see the scenario of the current, due & overdue orders. We also prepare spreadsheet to identify the order type wise (final secure, Initial secure, Eviction etc.) due, not due & past due status. We follow up contractor & responsible authority over mail about their pending (due & late) orders depending on evaluation report. Those reports have a crucial effect on whole management as its help to take proper initiative to prevent system lose.
Contractor hiring
We also help client to hire contractor in different territory. We run ads in different social media especially craigslist, Google adwords & mailing to target area contractors to develop their interest.

Data Entry Services

We offer excellence professional data entry support & services. We always develop a service plan for client specific data entry projects & form processing requirements. To ensure the data entered for each and every projects is accurate manner is our top priority. We serve this service with very small margin. Client data is always safe in our hand. We’re ready to handle any volume of data for any time length. Our data entry staffs are available in 2 shifts in 360 days of a year. We currently provide the following data entry services-
1) Online & offline data Entry
2) Book entry
3) Hand Written Entry
4) Legal document entry
5) Image processing
6) Forms Processing
7) Copy Paste Data Entry
8) Invoice & Billing Data Entry Processing
9) Product Data Entry

Web Design

We’re here to make sure your visitors not only stay longer, but also turn into customers.
We offer high performance, user friendly, well integrated and creative web application development solutions. Our team of experts will guide you on creating a visually stunning and practical website .We work quickly and efficiently, always striving to deliver the most value possible. Fully optimized for search engines and made for every device – including smartphones, we always intend to thoroughly understand your business, so your new site will be built to capture customers as leads and keep them engaged.
Social Media Marketing
Your business needs to move to next level and target social channels. Social media is easier than ever to have a conversation with your target audience although challenging & time consuming. It also requires a consistent effort to make a positive difference. We are here to overcome all obstacles and challenges and help to create and manage social profiles including Facebook, twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn. YouTube & more. Our customized social media campaign must grow & engage your customer raise by improving your branding and reputation in build customer loyalty.