‘’To be the universal leader in preservation data
entry solutions, we want to be the most trusted
partner for our clients by providing them with
secure, reliable & quality services to meet their
evolving needs in preservation data updating
Trusted Partner
“Large enough to handle enterprise clients yet small
enough to keep things personal”
Large & secured
Quality “Rooted in quality and focused on the
individual client parameter”

24/7 Services

We insure service 24 hours day
& 7 days a week.
We provide service in samestandard every 365 days in a year

Our Services

[stm_info_box style=”style_3″ title_icon=”stm-home” title=”Property Preservation” image=”364″ vc_image_size=”350×250″ link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.eliteprocessorshouse.com%2Fproperty-preservation-company%2F|title:Read%20More||”]We process all types of work orders & promptly fix all denials for almost all national/regional clients..[/stm_info_box]
[stm_info_box style=”style_3″ title_icon=”fa fa-pencil-square-o” title=”Data Entry” image=”290″ vc_image_size=”350×250″ link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.eliteprocessorshouse.com%2Fdata-entry%2F|title:Read%20More||”]We offer excellence professional data entry support & services. We always develop a service plan..[/stm_info_box]
[stm_info_box style=”style_3″ title_icon=”fa fa-code” title=”Web Development” image=”291″ vc_image_size=”350×250″ link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.eliteprocessorshouse.com%2Fweb-design%2F|title:Read%20More||”]We offer high performance, user-friendly, well integrated and creative web application…[/stm_info_box]

Why Choose Us

Professional Processors


Affordable Price

What We Are Doing

Elite Processing House LLC (EPH) offers a full array of services to meet a preservation company updating needs. Clients can pick and choose which services they require, and which are unnecessary for them. We are persistently increasing our efficiencies to help speed up the turn-around times for completing all RFO orders updating. EPH was established due to the growing demand for high quality, trustworthy property preservation work order processing companies who could manage large volumes of work without sacrificing quality. The business relationships that we develop are kept at a high level by guaranteeing that every job we complete is done so with the highest quality standards in the industry. Every one of our in-house employees goes through rigorous reviews to ensure everyone can maintain a high service level for our client. Processors work is routinely checked for inaccuracies and deficiencies in the quality of the work performed.

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